Check Out These Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Catching Their Toys Underwater

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Dogs are just about the best thing in life, aren’t they?

Even when they are bad dogs — they pee all over the kitchen, they tear up your favorite shoes, they grab the last cookie out of the pack — you can’t help but love them.

You know what I absolutely love?

These pictures taken of dogs jumping into water to get their toys. GAH!!

They are just the most goofy, unique, and totally cute pictures I have seen of our favorite fur babies.

You HAVE to check these out! They are absolutely adorbs!!

They are all taken by Seth Casteel, and he really has some genius ideas and a quick trigger hand when it comes to capturing all these photos.

Seth has several books and calendars that he has published of his fantastic doggo pictures, and I want them ALL!!

Keep Me Wonder

Go check out his work. He does more than just dogs underwater — but he is all about our furry friends.

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