Truthy Thursday

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Okay, I didn’t do truths on Tuesday… but I LIKE truths, so here’s a Thursday edition!

  1. I’m way sleepy today. Like I could fall asleep right now sitting here on this coffee shop bench.
  2. Speaking of the coffee shop. There’s this lady that comes in every day who is a TOTAL loud talker. She drives me up the freakin’ wall. I’m not the only one, either… the second she walks in, all the regulars put on their headphones and glare at her. Although, headphones usually aren’t enough. I want to throw things at her, but that might get me in trouble–or the coffee shop rats might make me their queen… hmmm….
  3. I went to writer’s workshop for the first time in a month. Most of it was awesome, and I had a great time… but sometimes I get bored when people read their vampire stories. Man oh man there are a lot of vampire stories out there. What makes them SUCH a thing? I mean, I like vampires as much as the next person and all that, but what makes them the thing people can’t stop reading about?
  4. I’m scared to send my latest revision off to my agent. She’s a total badass, and I don’t want to disappoint her. Gah. I am such a dork.
  5. I’m one of those people with a crazy supportive family, and sometimes I take that for granted. The other day I made a comment about something a friend said about me, and the facebook response from my family made me smile:

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  1. Truth thursdays are the best… even if I’m reading them on a friday.

  2. Ooh, I’d love to be called brilliant by Elana.

    Good luck submitting to your agent.

  3. So funny, I just blogged the same thing about being bored while listening to other people read too. DON’T BORE ME!

  4. love your fb post — redone 😉
    isn’t that the best? a great friend of mine, who has two books coming out this year, from two different publishers, no less, called me (or my book–i don’t remember and it doesn’t much matter)”bloody brilliant.”
    one of my fave compliments Ever! especially since she’s the first person who ever read my book from beginning to end and was also around when i was just starting to write it.

    anyway, just wanted to stop by the blog and see how you are….you have soooo much going on and are rocking it out, girlie!! good on you!! 🙂
    keep it up!!!

  5. I’m always surprised when people come into a shop and talk so loudly. Do they not get it? Hum…

  6. I’m jealous of your crazy supportive family. And good for you on going to a writers’ workshop! I started a class for the first time in over a decade last Monday. I’m sweating at the thought of our first assignment. But at least I don’t have any vampires in mine!

  7. I’m always the loud talker. 🙁 Unless I’m there to write then headphones are in and I will eye roll if you try to talk to me.

  8. A crazy supportive family is awesome! Perhaps instead of throwing something, you could get together with the other regulars and as soon as she comes in, you all start talking really loud.

    Then again… could she be hard of hearing and just not know?

    LOL and now you know the inner workings of my brain and why I think of things then rationalize them away. ; )

    1. @Shawna, I actually thought about that hard of hearing thing… except the different people that come in with her always whisper…

      1. @Jamie, then do it! ; ) maybe it would get your point across and you won’t have to sacrifice your coffee to do it. ; )

  9. I believe every coffee shop is required to have at least 1 loud talker! (It’s a rule) Thanks for sharing your truths. Supportive families rock!