15 Long-Lasting Fresh Fruits And Vegetables You Can Stock Up On

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Just because I’m stuck inside doesn’t mean I want to totally give up on eating well.

While I might enjoy a good can of fruit, or choke down a can of vegetables, there are fresh options out there that will last a while at your house.

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Long-Lasting Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Cauliflower — You want to keep cauliflower in your fridge. You will be surprised at all the things you can do with this vegetable. You Just break off parts of the flower as you want to use it. You can roast it, put in soup, mash it, boil it, steam it, rice it, or add it to salads raw — it is SO good.


Broccoli — You want to keep Broccoli in the fridge. It won’t last as long as cauliflower, but it is relatively hardy. You can also roast it, use it in soups, use it in stir frys, boil it, steam it, and eat it raw.


Brussels Sprouts — Keep these guys in the fridge, as well. They don’t last as long as cauliflower, and you want to check them daily to make sure they are still good, but they should last a good little bit. You can break out your grater, and use these raw in salads, or you can cut them in half, and roast them in the oven. They are SO good with a balsamic glaze. Yum!

vegan red cabbage, orange, and walnut salad

Cabbage — This will last longer than a traditional lettuce would. The red or green variety will be perfect! You want to keep cabbage in the fridge. Shred it up for salads and soups, make stuffed cabbage rolls, or cut it into cabbage steaks in the oven. It’s OMG good!


Carrots — The big, thick carrots last longer than the baby carrots. Do NOT peel them until you are ready to use them. They are GREAT steamed, in stews and soups, or roasted. You can even throw them into a smoothie, for a vitamin packed punch!

White Potatoes — HELLO. What CAN’T you do with a potato? They are so versatile. Keep them in a cool, dark, dry place, and they should last you a good bit!


Sweet Potatoes — Same with white potatoes. You want to keep them in a cool, dry, dark area.


Onions – You want to keep UNCUT onions in a cool dry area — I put them on my counter — and don’t have them touching other things, like citrus, bananas, etc. This makes both go bad quicker. Once you cut into the onion, wrap it in plastic wrap, and keep it in your fridge.


Spaghetti Squash — This is my FAVORITE squash! You can eat it plain, with butter and salt, throw some cheese on there, or even use it in place of spaghetti noodles with your favorite sauce! I keep my UNCUT spaghetti squash on my counter.

Butternut Squash — This is great to use in soups or stews, or roasted up with some brown sugar. This SHOULD keep, UNCUT on your counter, for about a month. Once you cut it, it should go in your fridge. You’ll want to wrap it in plastic wrap.


Small Tomatoes — Small tomatoes will last longer than big tomatoes. They don’t last a SUPER long time, but you’ll get a couple days out of them. Store them in the fridge.

Apples — I’ve found these to be the MOST hardy of all the fruits. We keep these on our counter, for a quick grab and go snack. They usually will last a couple weeks — if they kids don’t eat them first.


Oranges — The thicker the skin, the better. You don’t want them touching other foods, as this somehow makes them go bad quicker. If you keep them in the fridge, they MAY dry out a bit, but they should last longer than if you keep them out on a counter.

Lemons — Same as oranges. GREAT to add to drinking water, or add a bit of brightness to fish.

Limes — Same as lemons and oranges. So good in water, great to squeeze on chicken or steak, even yummy to juice onto a salad!

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