This Woman Represents Women Her Age In Cosplay And I Want To Be Her When I Grow Up

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Meet Solange Amorim. She is known as Tia Sol (Auntie Sun) on Facebook, and she is absolutely adorable.

Tia Sol as Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho (Tia Sol / rh_plus_cosplay)

This lady, who lives in Brazil, is a cosplayer known for her amazingly accurate depictions of characters in her age genre.

I absolutely adore her and love her spirit!

Tia Sol as Muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog (Tia Sol / manzartes)

She hits up local cosplay conventions, and her costume is always on point! Since she chooses to portray people in the older realm of cosplay, she is not easy to miss at conventions.

Tia Sol as the Fairy Godmother from Shrek (Tia Sol / dotheroar.doit)

Of course, she posts all her antics to Facebook, so you can follow along with her cosplaying escapades.

Check out some of her awesome cosplay costumes.

Tia Sol as Madame Mim from The Sword in the Stone (Tia Sol / la.brujadelmar)
Tia Sol as Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers (Tia Sol / mmprphotogallery)
Tia Sol as Ursula from The Little Mermaid (Tia Sol / theoldbarntheatre)
Tia Sol as Gramma Tala from Moana (Tia Sol / Disney)

She is spot on with her depiction of these characters, and I wish I were as brave as her!!

Tia Sol as the Bored Witch from The Triplets (Tia Sol / vivimarkatos)
Tia Sol as Granny from Looney Tunes (Tia Sol / patrickherdersonjr)

To see more of Tia Sol‘s amazing cosplay, you can catch her on Facebook.

As a confirmed Disnerd, I’ve saved my favorite Tia Sol cosplay for last. She makes such a great Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. Bibbitty-Bobbitty-Boo!!

Tia Sol as the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella (Tia Sol / sunset_honey_1922)

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