You Can Get Coal Candy Canes For Christmas That Taste Like Cinnamon

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Coal is given out to the naughty on Christmas morning right? Well, Amazon is selling Christmas coal candy canes for the individuals who don’t believe in Santa!

These Christmas coal candy canes gave me a good laugh when I first saw them on Amazon’s website.

Courtesy of Amazon

They’re not actually coal flavored, but they are a smoky cinnamon and that’s all I need to know to give these candy canes a lick!


These candy canes are not your typical bright red and white color scheme. Instead the candy treat is grey with dark brown stripes.

A plate of Christmas Candy Canes ready for picking

On the front of the package it states “a candy treat to punish the naughty”; therefore, I’m assuming if you have the pleasure of unwrapping this present on Christmas morning, mom and dad may not have liked your attitude before the holiday.


The coal candy canes come in a 3.8 ounce pack with 6 individually shrink wrapped canes for about 20 dollars on Amazon.

If it were me, I wouldn’t want these candy canes underneath the tree, although it would be a funny gag gift for a friend or sibling!


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