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Mismatched Shoes Is The New Fashion Trend And I Kind Of Like It

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There is a new trend, and I can really get behind this one.

People are wearing mismatched shoes, and I think it’s pretty cool. Do you know how many pairs of shoes I can only find one shoe from?!? This is perfect for me. Ha!


I would have been aghast when I was in Jr High and High School, but I’ve mellowed through my years, and now I think this new trend CAN be cool, with the right shoes.


So, I think this trend looks the best when you have to of the same KIND of shoe: 2 Dr Martens, 2 Mary Janes, 2 Keds, 2 Vans, etc.


It’s kind of like the trend to wear “Mixie Socks” — as my daughter calls them — but this is just taking the mismatched sock trend to a new level.


It’s great for pregnant mommies who can’t see their feet passed their belly, AMIRITE?!? LOL!

There are some people that are getting wild with the trend, and wearing two totally different types and colors of shoes. What do you think about this?


I’m not so down with completely going rogue, and getting wild and crazy with the shoes, but I do like how people are mixing it up a bit.


What do you think? Will you hop on this trend? I might try it, just for fun. LOL!! I’ll let you know how it goes.


Have you seen the wavy lip trend? I don’t know whether I’m intrigued, or scared to death!


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