People Say Tipping is Getting Out of Control. Do You Agree?

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If you live in the U.S. chances are, you are very aware of tip culture and if you don’t live here, you are probably confused why it’s even a thing…

In many countries, tipping is unheard of but in the U.S. not tipping is basically frowned upon.

With that being said, people are noticing just how much tipping has gotten out of control and honestly, I agree.

In fact, just today, I went through the drive-thru at a local establishment I’ve been going to for years and was asked to tip. I looked at my husband and was like, do I really need to? He replied, “I don’t know”.

I completely felt obligated to tip and just felt weird about the entire interaction.

Honestly, I never remember being asked to tip at a fast food restaurant until recent.

And let me be clear – I do not have a problem tipping.

In fact, I feel like I am a very generous and fair tipper and I always tried to give the person the benefit of the doubt if I have poor service. I know we all have bad days.

However, I do feel like we are now beginning to see tips for everything especially now that most businesses are moving to digital currency.

You know, those iPads where it asks you to leave a tip then sign? Yeah those.


They feel so pushy especially when the person on the other side is just standing there staring at you while you complete it.

According to AP, etiquette expert Thomas Farley considers the whole thing somewhat of “an invasion” and said:

“Suddenly, these screens are at every establishment we encounter. They’re popping up online as well for online orders. And I fear that there is no end,”


AP also reported that “Clarissa Moore, a 35-year-old who works as a supervisor at a utility company in Pennsylvania, said even her mortgage company has been asking for tips lately.”

Wait, what? I’m sorry, but that is just insane. I’d never tip my mortgage company. For what? Taking my money?

And that’s where so many people are having a hard time with this tip culture.

Screenshot Twitter

Things are already more expensive than ever and more stressful too. Adding in the pressure of feeling obligated to tip on goods and services we normally wouldn’t tip on, is just strange and unnecessary.

Screenshot Twitter

So, where does the line get drawn for tipping? Do you feel like tip culture has gotten out of control?

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