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This Potty Piano Gives You Something To Do While Using The Toilet

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Who needs a cell phone to scroll when you have a Potty Piano to entertain you while you’re sitting on your porcelain throne?


I’m always looking for funny gifts that I know would actually get used and this Potty Piano is one of them!

What person wouldn’t think this was hilariously awesome?


You know that if this was in front of the toilet you would have to at least give it a try!

Even if you didn’t keep it out all of the time, it would be perfect to bring it out for parties and get together so that everyone could have a great laugh.


I bought this for my brother as a joke. I thought of it as a haha Christmas gift to use for just a couple weeks. Funny thing is – his family loved it so much they use it around the house for entertainment. Every time I go over I see it someplace else. Definitely a hit gift beyond my expectations.

Kail – Amazon customer review

The Potty Piano is an electronic keyboard that sits on the floor in front of your toilet.


While you are sitting in there waiting to finish whatever business you had you can play the keyboard with your feet.

The foot keyboard even comes with a songbook that shows you how to play some songs.

Dee MC – Amazon customer review

I gave this as a gift to my husband who spends hours in the restroom doing who knows what. Might as well learn how to play a piano. He loves it haha

Dee MC – Amazon customer review

There are no plugs to worry about, it’s powered with 1 battery.

Dee MC – Amazon customer review

It measures 27.4 inches wide and 16 inches long and will fit around most standard-sized toilets.

You can see how the out Potty Piano works in the video below and you can buy your own Potty Piano on Amazon!

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