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This Dog Toy Actually Lets Your Fur Baby Call You On The Phone

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Could this really be a thing?

Researchers at universities in Scotland and Finland are working on a phone that will allow your dog to call you when you aren’t home.

Now, obviously they can’t pick up a smartphone with their paws, and pound out your phone number on the phone’s screen — that would be crazy — right??

The phone that they are working on is actually hidden inside a tennis ball which is placed inside a doggie toy.

It’s a soft ball with a technology device inside of it.

Representative from the University of Glasgow via Skype

When your fur baby moves the ball, it triggers the device that’s inside to connect to a type of doggie laptop that rings you up. You end up in a face-to-face Facetime of sorts, where you can actually talk to your dog (or cat?).

Sure, your pet can choose to ignore you — which mine totally would — but you can say hello and tell your baby how much you love them.

One of the researchers said that when her dog had the device, he would ring her up about 5 times a day.

Zach the dog got to “play” with this “phone” for about 16 days. He would “call” throughout the day — just to say hello. (allegedly)

There have been other pet phone devices.

This is NOT the first time a company has toyed with the idea of having your pet call its human parents.

Petcube Bites, which is currently available on Amazon, let’s your pets call you, and you in turn can give it a treat through the device.


PetChatz actually has a device where your fur baby can see you as you talk to them through the “phone.” They only need step on a paw device to activate the PetChatz. You can also give them a treat with this device — which, let’s be honest, is probably what they really want.

So, are pets really trying to ring their owners when they use these devices? Who knows!! It’s fun to think that they want to see you and hear your voice.

A better theory might be that the pets are just butt-dialing you. LOL!!

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