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Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Are Instagram Official So This Pretty Much Seals The Deal On Their Dating Status

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Kim K and Pete Davidson just went Instagram official, and I really can’t believe how invested I already am in this relationship.

We all know that these days, Instagram official is about as official as you get. Announcing it to the world on Instagram is the equivalent to getting “pinned” in the 1950s. It’s a badge of honor that you wear to let EVERYONE know your relationship status.

In a bizarre twist, they didn’t announce it to the world on their PERSONAL Instagram pages. They screamed it from the rooftops on Flavor Flav’s Instagram page.

FLAVOR FLAV::: celebrating my adopted son Pete Davidson’s birthday wit the legendz  @kimkardashian and @krisjenner 🥳🎂🎊👑⏰ 


The Instagram snap shows Pete and Kim (and, for some reason, Kris Jenner) in matchy-matchy pajamas.

Now, it’s been rumored for a while that the pair are dating. Kanye even pretty much acknowledged the relationship when he went on a rant about how Kim belongs to him.

But, now you pretty much can’t deny it anymore. The couple are Instagram official — well, sort of. I guess it isn’t OFFICIAL official until the pair posts something on their OWN Instagram pages. (??)

So, maybe we are sort of caught in this “What does it all mean?!?” limbo.

If you believe a source over at US Weekly, Kim is “falling for” Pete in a big way.

And, people over at HollywoodLife are saying that Kim and Pete text all.day.long.

“Kim has not stopped talking to her sisters about Pete since SNL,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “This isn’t like Kim because Kim gets bored so easily and right now she is still giddy about the guy. She knows about his reputation and about his past but she doesn’t care. She has a past too and if anyone can get a man to become attached to one woman it’s Kim.”


Can we do that cutesy name combining like we did with Bennifer and Brangelina? How about we call them K-ete or P-im. Yeah, those don’t roll off the tongue so nicely. LOL!!

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