McDonald’s Is Finally Bringing Back Hi-C After 4 Long Years

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Has it become a trend for food and beverage companies to rip our hearts out, taking away a fan favorite item only to bring it back years later?

McDonald’s is on the long list of popular fast food chains to take away a favorite item off the menu to only to say “SIKE” and bring it back “x” amount of years later.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster between Taco Bell taking away and bringing back their fiesta potatoes, the McDonald’s McRib and now nearly 4 years later, the fast food restaurant is giving Hi-C another try after all.


Welcoming back the bright orange drink, McDonald’s has decided that since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, why not make our hearts whole again and bring the fan favorite soda?!


McDonald’s has officially announced today that the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst beverage, aka, Hi-C Orange is coming back to menus nationwide!


McDonald’s has admitted that since they took away the colorful soda, fans have been protesting to bring it back since 2017.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Thankfully it won’t be too long until we can taste another carbonated sip of Hi-C Orange because the drink will be released sometime this month!


Since the anticipation is killer, starting next week you can enter your zip code into mcdfinder.com to find the closest McDonald’s location that has Hi-C stocked once again!

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