The CDC Says It’s Better To Wear Two Face Masks Rather Than One. Here’s Why.

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It’s true when they say two minds are better than one and during an ongoing pandemic, two masks are also better rather than just wearing one.

As tough as it might be hearing, the CDC has updated their face mask recommendations and no, they did not say you can nix your face masks, in fact, they doubled the amount.

Based on a recent lab experiment, the results have found that wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask as well as using masks that are properly fitted to your face is effective in stopping the coronavirus spread.

Not only should you be wearing masks that fit snug against your face, but it is also recommended to pick a mask with layers to “keep your respiratory droplets in and others out,” according to the new guidelines.

So if your mask feels loose, try knotting both ends on your surgical mask behind your ear for a better fit!

The good news is that if you and others around you can “double mask” aka, wearing a surgical mask with a cloth mask on top, the virus falls more than 95% which I don’t know about you, is relieving to hear.

In other words, similar to how you layer up in the winter to stay warm, double masking keeps you and others safer against the virus.

So keep this mind,

1). Try choosing a mask with a nose wire and a filter.

2). Make sure you mask is snug over your face.

3). Add layers! You can choose between a cloth mask that has multiple layers or wearing one disposable mask underneath a cloth mask.

Oh, and FYI, KN95 masks should only be worn one mask at a time and do not combine two disposable masks!

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