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Laurie Berkner Is Hosting Daily Free Concerts Live and I’m So Excited

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Y’all. I’m really more giddy about this than I should be. I’m totally an adult, but Y’ALL, it’s LAURIE BERKNER!!

Courtesy of Hudson Valley Kids on Instagram

She is giving what she calls Berkner Breaks.


They are on Facebook, they are FREE, and they are MOST WEEKDAYS!!


These Berkner Breaks are about 20 minutes long. And, I’m going to be watching my kids will get a KICK out of daily breaks from Laurie Berkner!


My kids used to LOVE to watch Laurie Berkner on Noggin (RIP Moose and Zee) and Jack’s Big Music Show. I’m not going to lie, I love her, too!


Y’all, she isn’t just giving Berkner Breaks in the mornings. Wait for it —


She also has a Berkner Bedtime. *Gasp* WHAT?!?


All you have to do to catch one of these Berkner Breaks or Berkner Bedtimes, is go to the Laurie Berkner Band Facebook Page.


Even though she may film them live, through the magic of Facebook, they are there to watch whenever you get a chance.


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