This Dad Sent The Most Hilarious Text Messages To His Daughter While He Was Watching Her Dog

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So, there is this girl named Meghan that had adopted a 4-year-old dog from Richmond Animal League originally named Chap.

meg specksgoor – Twitter

Chap had been shot and that had resulted in him having a shattered jaw and a surgery where he had a metal plate put in.

Afterward, he was brought to Richmond Animal League where Meghan met and fell in love with him.

meg specksgoor – Twitter

She changed his name for a fresh new start to Chance, because a new life is deserving of a new name!

Meghan named him after Chance the Rapper and also it was a fitting name since he was given a second chance at a great life!

meg specksgoor – Twitter

Well, Meghan had an opportunity to go visit New York City and she needed someone to watch Chance while she was gone.

meg specksgoor – Twitter

She chose to have her dad take care of her best friend while she was away on her trip to New York City!

meg specksgoor – Twitter

Once Meghan got to New York City she started getting text messages from her dad, who obviously was having a great time with his granddog!

She decided to share the text messages on her Twitter account.

meg specksgoor – Twitter

All of the text messages are written as if they came from Chance and that he is hanging out with his grandpa!

meg specksgoor – Twitter

I absolutely love this story! My dad was a huge dog lover and I could totally see him doing something like this!

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