Did You Know The Life Cycle Of A Strawberry Actually Starts Out As A Pretty White Flower?

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Whether you’ve tried to grow strawberries out of a dollar store laundry bin or the old fashion way straight out of the ground, you may not have noticed this tiny detail when growing your strawberry patch. 

For those of you who keep a close eye on the produce you grow courtesy of your green thumbs, you might already know that strawberries start out as a flower before they blossom into something you can eat! 

That’s right, the life cycle of a strawberry actually starts off as a small white flower that eventually grows into a bigger white flower that looks very similar to a daisy. 

Courtesy of @Slice of Life

When that tiny flower starts to shed its petals, the center piece begins to grow bigger which is something you might recognize as it begins to get larger in size!

Courtesy of @loversbeliefs

That center piece is the beginning of your strawberry pushing its way out until it ripens under the sun!

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When the strawberries in your backyard are starting to show a fire hydrant red color, that’s when you know they’re ready to be picked off the vine and baked into a Strawberry Shortcake, or even simply cut up and placed in a decorative fruit bowl. 

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