Netflix Had To Warn Viewers About The ‘Bird Box’ Challenge That Has Gone Viral

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Oh, humanity.

In what may be the most ridiculous warning that actually has to be warned yet, Netflix had to send out this message to their viewers warning them not to attempt the Bird Box challenge that’s gone viral.

For those of you that haven’t seen the movie– basically you have to stay blindfolded any time you go outside because if you look at the “monster” you will die. (I watched the whole movie and summarized the plot for you here if you don’t want to watch it yourself.)

And now people are attempting every day tasks blindfolded in the #birdboxchallenge.

Like, riding bikes…


And, curling hair?

Which, honestly seems like a bad idea for both the stylist AND the client..

I can’t believe anyone has to say this, but Netflix is right y’all. Take off the blindfold, don’t get hurt or even worse hurt someone else with your ridiculousness.

Did you know the book Bird Box ended different than the movie did? Check out the difference here.

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