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The Taco Cleanse is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted in A Diet

Is your new years resolution to start a diet and actually finish it?

Okay, let’s get REAL for a second, the likelihood you finish that diet is slim to none. I am not being negative, I am being realistic. Why? Because you can’t stay away from foods like tacos.

If you’ve been sitting here thinking of tacos since you read that word, then you have a real problem and it further proves my point. But, guess what? I am about to solve all your worries because the taco cleanse is everything you’ve ever wanted in a diet and yes, it’s very real!

The taco cleanse is everything you’ve ever wanted in a diet  

What exactly is a taco cleanse you ask?

Well, my friend it is exactly what you think – you get to eat tacos every day, all day long if you’d like and technically it’s a must for your diet.

You basically detox your body by eating tacos. Sounds insane, right? I thought so too.

However, according to the authors of The Taco Cleanse, the tortilla-based diet is “proven to change your life.” It has gained so much popularity that even celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston are taking part in the cleanse.

The basic idea behind the diet is that you are eating vegan and more natural ingredients thus helping you lose weight and enjoy more of your favorite hand-sized food.

Hmm, I am not sure whether it works or not but I can’t not take the chance. I mean, come on – it’s tacos. If all else fails, I’ll just be enjoying an abundance of tacos for the next few months.

And of course, if you are really into tacos you need this shirt.