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Please Don’t Leave Me a Positive Word I Can Carry Into The New Year…

Look, I get it. It’s new year, new you and all that jazz, but if I see one more person posting on their Facebook status asking me to leave a positive word they can carry into the new year I might implode.

Like first of all, what does that even mean– a positive word. Like “happy” or “strive” or something? And what exactly is a negative word anyway? I mean other than actual negatives, like “no, not, and can’t”– I don’t really know what that would even mean. I guess positive words could be like “yes, is, and can” maybe?

Whatever it means, it’s ridiculous. It’s Facebook spamarino at it’s finest, and it’s clogging up my feed. I have cat videos to watch, people.


Why are all of these people basing their positivity plan on some words people they couldn’t actually stand back in high school write on a Facebook wall? And who needs that kind of validation anyway?

Don’t base your new year on a bunch of words people leave for you. Base your year on YOU. If you want things to be more positive this year, then that is about YOU. Not about the words someone pops onto your Facebook wall.

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This is like second level trolling, because what if they words they leave make you feel bad? Don’t use someone else’s perception of yourself to validate you! Do this ON YOUR OWN!

If you want a positive word, google that shiz. (There’s over 1.2 million results.)

And pick that word out for yourself! Make it be something that speaks to YOU!


Saturday 28th of December 2019

You are giving too much thought into trying to make this a big deal. It's just a little reminder to be positive while going into the new year. I prefer this to drama and negative posts.


Saturday 6th of July 2019

Thank's to giving this information, its totally informative post for me.