Here’s How Bird Box Was Actually Supposed To End

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I don’t know why they decided to change the ending of Bird Box for the movie, but I do know that it basically changed the tone of the entire story.

the Netflix movie Bird Box has a drastically different ending than the book

For those of you that have been living under a rock, or in a bird box or whatever, Bird Box is Sandra Bullock’s straight-to-Netflix film about a mom trying to save her kids from some scary monsters that will kill you if you look at them.

It was actually based on a book (with the same name) and the book had a much darker ending.

Netflix's popular movie Bird Box was based on a book of the same name

You see, in the ending of the Bird Box movie, Sandra Bullock’s character finds this compound-like sanctuary she’s been looking for, and it turns out it’s a school for the blind.

There are tons of other not-blind people there, even her gynecologist. (Which, is hands down the weirdest person EVER to run into five years after surviving a post apocalyptic monster. “Oh, hi. You’ve seen my lady parts…”)

Sandra Bullock's character in Bird Box visting her gynecologist

But, the book is way darker. In the book, they show up to the school for the blind and everyone there who wasn’t born blind has actually gouged out their eyes in order to save themselves from accidentally seeing the monster.

It’s also how they all know they are safe, because nobody else there can see. In the movie version, they decided that was just too darn gloomy of a way to end a movie, so they decided to go with the whole “you’re in a beautiful land where everyone here is safe, just because they like… are.”

Sandra Bullock and her kids traveling down the river in Bird box

The big problem with the Netflix happy ending is that it’s basically not an ending at all. It’s just like, the middle of the story.

They haven’t defeated the monster, they don’t have a way to leave this school, they’re all just trapped there, and because there’s a lot of people, everyone is just happy.

But, with 45 million people having watched the dang thing, I can’t imagine there isn’t a sequel.

Too scared to watch Bird Box? Don’t worry, I watched it for you and tell you everything that happens right here.

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  1. It would be great if at the beginning of your post you add a disclaimer that there is a “spoiler alert” to the ending. I mean, it should go without saying, because you say in the title, it is how it was supposed to end. However, it leaves it a bit unclear as to whether or not you’re actually going to spoil how it does in fact end in the movie.

    1. You wanted me to post a spoiler warning on a post about how a movie was supposed to end? I mean, really… that’s on you.

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