Starbucks Is Paying Employees For The Next 30 Days, Even If They Choose Not To Come To Work

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With the current situation spreading throughout the U.S., many businesses have shut down to keep the virus from spreading and due to the need of social distancing.

Starbucks recently closed down their lobby to keep customers from choosing to stay and hangout. Their drive-thru services are still fully accessible.

However, with most restaurants closing due to social distancing, many towns only have necessary businesses open such as grocery stores and hospitals.

Many baristas have come forward stating that their place of work should not be considered necessary and even started a petition to close stores until the pandemic passes.

Starbucks announced on Friday that they will pay their employees for the next 30 days, whether they choose to come to work or not during this time.

This is an amazing decision that they have made to ensure the safety of their partners.

We hope to see many more businesses supporting their employees and keeping them safe during this time.

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