Starbucks Just Announced They Are Closing Many of Their Stores Due to The Coronavirus

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Starbucks has been making changes, the most recent one just happened.

Starbucks stores will be offering to-go services only for all locations. This is to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition, many Starbucks stores are closing entirely throughout the nation.

Starbucks Coffee sign in Avenue Of Stars, Hong Kong


They had also paused allowing reusable cups not that long ago. As risk increases, they are changing policies to keep employees and customers safe.

In communities such as Seattle and New York with high clusters of COVID-19 cases, we will reduce operating hours or temporarily close select stores, 

Starbucks release

Social distancing is happening everywhere to help contain the spread of the virus. Starting today, they will move to a “to go” model across the U.S. and Canada.


Social gathering in Starbucks will not happen. They will pause all use of seating, this includes the patio as well as indoors.


Café, Mobile Order & Pay, Drive-Thru and Delivery will still be open for some locations.

They are changing the condiment bar in all stores. They are also changing the cash handling procedures.

This includes moving to a designated point of sale person. They will also allow them to wear gloves, but that is not required.

They are also temporarily closing company-operated stores that are in high social gathering locations. This would be like the locations on a college campus or in a mall.

In places like New York and Seattle where there is a high amount of COVID-19 cases, they will reduce open hours and also temporarily close some of these stores. Changes will be made and adjusted as each community needs.

Starbucks stated that they will take care of the employees affected by adjusted hours of operation, modifications to operations, or temporary closure.

This includes having employees work at other locations and/or providing catastrophe pay. You can read more in this media release.

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