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Many Starbucks Employees Are Asking the Company to Shut All Stores Down Right Now

Y’all, we can make coffee at home. You can even get a thermos to take it with you if you are still working.

Many Starbucks employees want the stores to shut down, as they say, ‘coffee is not essential’.

Many Starbucks locations have closed down, with the rest going to a ‘to-go’ only operation.

Coffee is not essential at all. Starbucks is not essential, and yet we’re still open.

Anyia Johnson

Anyia isn’t working right now because she is immunocompromised. She is getting “catastrophe pay”. Which I think is amazing for Starbucks to do. She wants more to be done to help protect her fellow Starbucks employees.

Pretty much, the company is exposing their workers to unsafe conditions while everyone above a certain pay grade is protected.

Anyia Johnson

As much as I love a fancy-schmancy Starbucks coffee, I do not think it is essential.

Even in the Bay Area where there is a shelter in place order, Starbucks remains open for to-go orders. Labeled as essential. No, it really isn’t essential.

While corporate and office workers get to stay at home to try and flatten the curve for COVID-19, public service workers are left vulnerable, still interacting with hundreds of people a day. Closing stores would reduce the risk of our most vulnerable populations of getting coronavirus indirectly. Follow your mission statement Starbucks and help your community.

Miguel S

There is a petition up that both Starbucks employees and customers have signed. It has nearly 23,000 at the time of this writing.

Coffee is not an essential service, we are risking the health of partners AND customers by staying open.

Kitty M

I’m with y’all, I wouldn’t want to be out there either! I hope they can come to a resolution soon so that they can feel safer.