Jason Momoa Leaves Little to The Imagination Wearing A Spandex Outfit and You’re Welcome

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I can’t think of a better way to put a smile on your face than with a picture of Jason Momoa…

See? Instant smile, right?

Well, not only will this put a smile on your face but it’ll probably leave you on the ground rolling in laughter…

A few days ago Jason Momoa posted a video of himself wearing a spandex outfit that he wore to ride his bike in an effort to help save the planet.

He wore the outfit to promote saving the plant for Earth Week which includes biking instead of driving and replacing plastic for infinitely recyclable aluminum water bottles.

But there was one thing people really noticed… Did you catch it? Jason Momoa had something hiding down THERE in his outfit.

From first glance, women thought it was, well ya know…

But then he reaches down, grabs an aluminum water bottle, drinks from it and then puts it back. LOL.

People are dying in laughter over it and it surely got some attention.

I mean, he still left little to the imagination and honestly, if anyone can pull off spandex, it’s Jason Momoa.

You can watch the full video below. Enjoy and you’re welcome in advance!

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