Here’s 10 Small Details Hidden In The Harry Potter Movies and My Mind Is Blown

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I have always been a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I’ve read the books, watched the movies, and have toooons of memorabilia. I thought I knew everything there is to know about the movies but MAN was I wrong!

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There are SO many intricate tiny details that were put into the Harry Potter series that it would be very difficult to catch them all. These are the ones I was most surprised about!


1. Chamber Of Secrets Has A Post-Credits Scene That Reveals The Fate Of Gilderoy Lockhart

When Marvel movies came out, I always made sure to check the credits for surprises and Easter eggs. But back when the Harry Potter movies came out, I didn’t think to do the same. This seems like the proper fate for him though!

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2. In ‘The Half-Blood Prince,’ When We See Tom Riddle’s Childhood Bedroom There Are Seven Rocks On The Windowsill, Foreshadowing Him Splitting His Soul Into Seven Horcruxes

I actually found this to be really cool. I love foreshadowing events and this was a subtle, yet necessary (in my opinion) event that now has me fully excited to watch it again!

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3. When Harry Reveals That He’s Alive In ‘Deathly Hallows Part 2’, George Turns To Excitedly Tell Fred, Who’s Normally Always Next To Him

Well this just ruined my day. I don’t want to re-watch this scene now that it’s been pointed out to me.

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4. In ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’, You Can See A Portrait Of Anne Boleyn Hanging In The Staircase. Anne, A Wife Of Henry VIII, Was Accused Of Being A Witch, And Subsequently Executed

I happen to love reading about the history of Anne Boleyn and all the other wives of Henry VIII, so finding this fun Easter egg in the middle of the Harry Potter movies makes me love the series even more.

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5. The End Credits Of ‘Goblet Of Fire’ Feature This Magical Disclaimer: ‘No Dragons Were Harmed In The Making Of This Movie’

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6. In ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone,’ You Can See Mcgonagall’s Name On The Quidditch Trophy Right Next To James Potter

I love this! We all knew she was awesome anyways!

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7. In ‘The Order Of The Phoenix’, Harry Wears Button Down Sweaters Similar To What Professor Lupin Would Wear. This Was Daniel Radcliffe’s Idea As He Thought Harry Would Want To Emulate His Favorite Teacher

I love this. He was constantly looking for a father figure so this only makes sence! Good job Radcliffe!

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8. In The Background Of The Cafe In ‘Deathly Hallows Part I’, There’s A Poster For The Play “Equus”, A Real Play That Starred Daniel Radcliffe

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9. In ‘Prisoner Of Azkaban,’ Newt Scamander Appears On The Marauder’s Map

A foreshadowing to the Fantastic Beasts movies?

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10. In Snape’s Death Scene, There’s A Gryffindor Scarf Hanging Up In The Background, A Reference To His Bravery And Dumbledore Saying He “Sometimes Thinks They Sort Too Soon” In The Books

I absolutely LOVE this. Snape is my all-time favorite character and watching him die was just HORRIBLE. But the way they went about honoring him and his death was so good, and this Easter egg makes it even better.

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So, did any of these surprise you as much as they did me? Now I am going to rewatch all the movies to see what else I can find!

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