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This Harry Potter Sorting House Bath Bomb Will Reveal Which Hogwarts House You Belong To

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Calling all Potterheads! If you like to nerd out to Harry Potter like me, then this is the item for you!

You can get a bath bomb that will change colors and reveal which Hogwarts House you belong to! (But if it tells me anything other than Slytherin, it’s wrong…just saying.)


The Sorting House Bath Bomb is a uniquely designed bath bomb that sorts you into your Wizarding House! Just drop your bath bomb into you warm bath and watch as your house color fills the tub as it fizzes!


As the Bath Bomb fizzes, a mystery color of Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow will appear! All scents are vanilla scented. Perfect gift for wizarding fans!

Red represents Gryffindor, green is Slytherin, blue is Ravenclaw and yellow is Hufflepuff. 


These bath bombs are made with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, so this ultra fizzy bath bomb will leave your skin soft and hydrated! These Bath Bombs are 6.5 oz in weight and 2.75 inches in diameter, making them one of the biggest bath bombs for sale!


Are you a brave Gryffindor or a cunning Slytherin? Are you an intelligent Ravenclaw or a loyal Hufflepuff? Who knows? Only the color-changing bath bomb can tell. And on top of that, you can have soft skin and a magical scent fill the room while you’re at it! This is a win-win situation!


Although at this point, any real Potterhead knows what Hogwarts House they actually belong to, this is a fun way to stay connected to the Wizarding World and it’s such a creative gift for your wizard friends!


One reviewer stated:

I am a HUGE harry potter fan and so doing this bath bomb made me feel like i was getting sorted into the actual house! will buy for my friends!


Another stated:

I gifted this to my 10 yr old niece, who is really into Harry Potter, for her birthday. She got Ravenclaw. She loves bath bombs but this one was her favorite. Definitely a great gift.


I am on my way to get my hands on one of these because they are so incredible and I need it for my Harry Potter collection!

You can get your Harry Potter Sorting House Bath Bomb Here.


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