Disney Has Mickey Mouse Shaped Cheese Boards So Snack Time Can Always Be Magical

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Charcuterie boards always look so aesthetically pleasing! So what if I told you that you could purchase a board that already looks pretty before you even have the chance to place your food on it!

Charcuterie boards are the perfect way to show off your master cooking skills and creativity in decorating. I’ve never had the pleasure in creating one, but seeing the most recent themed Charcuterie boards, I need to try it the next time I’m hosting a party at my house.

Disney has a line of cheese boards selling on their website and yes I know, it seems like the company has everything in stock! But trust me, these cheese boards are just what you need to host a festive party.

Courtesy of shopDisney

Since we can’t visit the most magical and happiest place on Earth, we might as well purchase a cheese board that looks like the boss man and bring him home! Besides, who doesn’t like to shop on Disney’s website?!

Courtesy of shopDisney

You can order Disney’s cheese boards online at The Disney Shop in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Of course there’s more than one design and my personal favorite, is the classic and wooden Mickey Mouse cheese board. There’s even a convenient slide out compartment to hold your cheese knives in place which if you ask me, is totally necessary!

Courtesy of shopDisney

“I love this cheese board. The actual cheese board itself is awesome, well made and no rough edges. I’d hate to see it get cut marks on it though, which is why I’m reserving mine for decoration. I still love it. The draw has stops on it so you can’t accidentally pull the draw out of the board. Love this!”

Courtesy of shopDisney

“I love it! I get a lot of compliments from it, it looks great and gourmet keeping my love for Mickey. The wood is really smooth, and the utensils work good, they are sharp enough for the cheeses.”

Courtesy of shopDisney

There’s also a Minnie Mouse serving tray that comes with a cheese knife and a removable tempered glass.

Courtesy of shopDisney

You can also choose from another Mickey Charcuterie board that’s similar to the classic Mickey board, except with black colored ears and without a knife compartment.

Courtesy of shopDisney

Each of these boards range in different prices, so make sure to check out which one you like best. Disney’s line of Charcuterie boards can be your next best excuse to host another dinner party when quarantine is over! I’ll bring the mashed potatoes!

Courtesy of shopDisney

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