You Can Get A 3,000 Piece Harry Potter Hogwarts Puzzle, Accio It To Me!

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Any fellow Potterheads around? I love Harry Potter. It’s been years and I STILL love Harry Potter. Just something about it gets my nerdy senses tingling.

We’ve covered a few fun Harry Potter topics lately, like how you can take actual Hogwarts Classes Online (for free!), or how one company is actually paying people to Binge-Watch Every Harry Potter Movies For $1,000! Maybe they don’t realize I’m willing to do that for free…

But if those two options are little too commitment-heavy, we have another super fun option for all you Potterheads.

Entertainment Earth is coming out with a Hogwarts puzzle! This 3,000 piece Harry Potter themed puzzle is BEAUTIFUL!

Entertainment Earth

I’m in love. This is one of those puzzles you’ll want to glue together and hang up. I just love it!

This puzzle is currently on pre-order and will be available June 2020 for $29.99 so be sure to pre-order yours before they sell out!

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