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This Family Started Their Own ‘Quarantine Olympics’ on TikTok and I’m Dying Laughing

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This family of five has brightened up my day you guys! They are total family goals and they have made the best out of quarantine!

Courtesy of @Alex Presley

To be honest, we should all be taking notes from this family. Their creativity has created a great way to get moving and to bond as a family!

Courtesy of @Alex Presley

If you haven’t seen them yet on TikTok, get ready to really laugh, like belly laugh, because this family made me laugh out loud!

They even have their own scoreboard to tally points, because what’s a good game without keeping score?!

Courtesy of @Alex Presley

Alex Presley on TikTok, has shared his family competing against each other with what they call “The Quarantine Olympics”! How awesome is that and it gets better!

His family has thought of countless ideas that has made great challenges to compete against each other with, and I am so jealous of their spontaneous thinking!


Day 15 of the Quarantine Olympics we did the classic Fruit Rollup Challenge! #quarantineolympics #fruitrollupchallenge

♬ 123start – cyrusahac

To name a few of the family’s “olympic games” up first is …

The Straw Challenge, where a cup was placed under a water dispenser and each family member had to drink the water through a straw as fast as they could to keep the water from overflowing. The person with the longest time before the water overflows wins! It looks like their Dad won this challenge!

Next up (and one of my personal favs), The Phone Call Challenge. Each family member had to choose one friend they thought would pick up their FaceTime the fastest.

The family member with the least amount of time wins! What a perfect game to test one of your best friends with!


Day 2 of the Quarantine Olympics. Tag a friend who will always pick up #phonecallchallenge #quarantineolympics

♬ original sound – AlexPresley

Thirdly, was the Social Distancing 6ft. Challenge. In this game, with the measuring tape face down, each person had to guess where 6 ft. was on the measuring tape.

Wherever you lock the measuring tape is your answer! The closest guess to 6ft. wins! It’s the perfect game to practice safe Social Distancing!


Quarantine Olympics day 4. The game of choice is social distancing #6ftchallenge Need to practice being our distancing #quarantineolympics

♬ original sound – AlexPresley

Now the games don’t just stop here! There are plenty of other challenges the family competes in, like Blindfolded Toilet Paper Dodgeball, and you can watch them all on Alex Presley’s TikTok account. His bio also states that challenges are posted every night at 10pm ET, so if you need a good laugh, tune in!


Day 7 Blindfolded Toilet Paper Dodgeball. This game is actually too much fun!! 😂😂 #Toiletpaperdodgeball #quarantineolympics #toosieslide

♬ Eine kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart

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