Starbucks Is Offering Catastrophe Pay To Employees Impacted By The Coronavirus

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Starbucks is offering fourteen days of catastrophe pay to employees impacted by the Coronavirus and those most at risk of contracting it.

Yesterday Starbucks announced that they will be switching to strictly drive-thru orders only, the cafe will be closed to sit-in customers.

You are still able to order through the app and for delivery, but no public seating will be offered.

In areas, with a high concentration of the Coronavirus, some locations will be closing temporarily.

Every community’s needs are incredibly different. We want to make sure we play a constructive role by taking responsible actions, in partnership with the CDC and local public health authorities, so we can continue to do what’s right for our partners and customers.”

Rossann Williams

On top of all the precautions, Starbucks is taking to keep its employees safe and healthy.

They have also announced in an open letter that they will be offering catastrophe pay to employees who have contracted the Coronavirus and those at higher risk of contracting it.

In addition to existing benefits such as sick pay and personal time off, the company will offer catastrophe pay to any partner who has been diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19 or comes in close prolonged contact with someone in their store or household who has. It also will be available to partners experiencing symptoms, even if they haven’t been in known contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, and to those who may need to take extra precautions, such as those 60 years or older or who have underlying health conditions. The full catastrophe pay benefit is for 14 days, but if partners are still unable to return to work, additional pay replacement may be made up to 26 weeks, she wrote.

Rossann Williams

Partners can also access other resources such as a range of mental health benefits including free counseling through the Employee Assistance Program and Headspace for mindfulness and meditation. Another resource is the company’s CUP Fund, which provides grants for partners experiencing financial hardship.

Rossann Williams

It is very comforting to see how much Starbucks cares about its employees and I hope that other companies will follow their lead in supporting their employees during this time of hardship.

Wash your hands and practice social distancing, this will pass soon enough!

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