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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Just Got Married In Las Vegas!

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Bennifer is now a 100% legal martial coupling!

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The woman previously known as Jennifer Lopez is now Jennifer Affleck!

Jennifer and Ben started dating back in 2002 and that lasted until 2004, and then they split up for 17 years!

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They both dated other people and they both even went on to get married to other people.

However, both marriages ended because it just wasn’t meant to be…

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Sometimes you just need to take your time and then give it another go and that’s just what they did.

The couple eventually reunited last year after 17 years of separation, and then on April 8th, they announced their engagement, for the second time!

I mean all of the signs were there, from house hunting together, out together with the kids, and then finally settling down in a home in Beverly Hills.

Marriage was the obvious next step for these two love birds!

According to a Clark County marriage license, the couple tied the knot this past Saturday.

The marriage license was received on July 16th and it was issued to Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lopez!


Congratulations Jennifer and Ben Affleck, I can’t wait to see the Las Vegas wedding photos!

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