This Interactive Map Shows You Where The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Happening Right Now

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I know you are worried. Trying to find the most recent stats and news can be hard because there is so much information bouncing around.

It really is a complete overload to our brains.

Well, this might actually be useful because a friend let me know about an interactive map that shows you the current information.

It is updating often and seems to be on target from other sources I have looked at.

Now this only applies to CONFIRMED cases. Many cases we hear about are presumptive cases.

This means the person has symptoms but has not been confirmed as positive with testing yet.


It shows how many confirmed cases, how many are active, how many deaths, and also how many are recovered.

You may have to try a few times to view the map as there are so many people using it that there are intermittent outages happening.

You can search by state and you can even enter your address or city and see what is happening near and around you.


This can help you understand all of the closures happening and give us a view of what is going on outside! Check it out here!


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