Michael Keaton May Be Returning As Batman For The New DC Films and I’m So Excited

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

Michael Keaton Is In Talks About Returning As Batman For The New DC Films and I am so excited. This just NEEDS to happen.

I really loved Christan Bale as Batman but I think that Michael Keaton is my #1 choice when it comes to Batman. He is just amazing in any role he takes on.

Seriously, name one role he hasn’t done amazing at? I’ll wait…

Yeah, pretty sure you couldn’t name one…

And yes, I absolutely LOVED him as Beetlejuice.

Anyways, news is circulating that Michael Keaton may be playing Batman in the Flash movie. He is currently in talks to play Bruce Wayne in the film but nothing official has been established yet.

I for one, will be over here crossing my fingers that it actually happens!!

According to reports, The Flash movie will seemingly tie the DC cinematic multiverse together which is supposed to release June 2, 2022.

Michael Keaton was Batman in 1992 and I think it’s time we see him reprise his role. Don’t you?

Courtesy of Allstar/WARNER BROS.

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