Movies You Should NOT Watch While in The Middle of a Global Pandemic

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If you are overly freaked out right now, like really scared. Then you probably shouldn’t watch these movies. They might just push you over the edge.

The Crazies is one of my favorite movies, like ever. Some people that haven’t watched this movie think it is a zombie movie, it is most definitely not a zombie movie. What happens is an unknown toxin turns a small town into a bunch of lunatics.

To try to contain the infection, the government places the town on lockdown (Quarantine) and will kill anyone that tries to get out. I recommend it as a great movie to watch, but you may not want to watch it right now.

There are two versions of this. The one shown above and then another from 1973. Both are excellent.

28 Days Later is another great one! In this movie, a group of animal rights activists frees a caged chimp from a medical research lab. The chimp that they free is infected with the “Rage” virus.

When a man in a coma wakes a month later, he awakes to a city that is pretty much deserted. This is not a zombie movie, but the people affected by the Rage virus are pretty out of their minds.

This does have a sequel called 28 Weeks Later as well! It was alright, but I prefer the first one!

Contagion is about a lady that returns to the United States after a business trip to Hong Kong. She THINKS she has jet lag because she is feeling pretty crappy. Two days later she is dead. Doctors tell her husband that they don’t know what killed her.

After she dies, other people start showing the same symptoms. A global pandemic takes place. Doctors try to contain it, but people start to lose it and society is collapsing from paranoia.

12 Monkeys is a fantastic movie! A prisoner in the year 2035 is sent on a mission to go back in time to 1996. The reason is due to a virus that was released in 1996 that wipes out most of the population of the world.

Survivors have to live underground. A group known as the Army of the Twelve Monkeys is believed to have released the virus. He must find out the truth and find the original virus to help scientists find a cure.

I am Legend is about a US Army virologist in New York City. A virus was created as a cure to cancer, ended up killing almost everyone. He is the last human alive in New York. Everyone else there is either dead or a mutant.

He is immune to the virus and is trying to come up with a cure while fighting the mutants. Just him and a dog all alone in New York. I loved this movie!

But really, while all of these are great movies, if you haven’t already watched them…you may want to wait a while! Here are some movies to watch right now!

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