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Disney Is Selling Olaf-Shaped Hot Cocoa Bombs And They Are Worth Melting For

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You have to admit that Olaf is one of the best Disney characters there are. He’s sweet, goofy, and we could all learn some things from him.


In fact, I have quite a bond with Olaf after I attempted doing a voiceover for his character at Disney Animation for fun. That stuff is SO HARD, I failed majorly and if you felt like searching the internet you would probably find my biggest fail in life.

Well, right now, Disney is selling an Olaf-shaped hot cocoa bomb and I really want one! Olaf always said he loves warm hugs, and what is warmer than a mug of hot cocoa?

The Ganachery in Disney Springs is making them in-house. They even posted a TikTok showing just how they make them too.


They make a chocolate mold of lovable Olaf and fill it with their signature hot coca mix. It’s special because it has milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even caramel in it!


One Olaf hot cocoa bomb will make 2 normal size mugs, or you could just make one giant mug for yourself, right? It also has snowflake-shaped vanilla bean-flavored marshmallows.


All that you need to do is take your Olaf hot cocoa bomb and melt him in warm milk. Then just mix it all together for a creamy warm hot cocoa drink, an Olaf hug in a mug!


You’ll have to pick yours up at Disney Springs unless of course, you decide to DIY your own! Watch the TikTok below and see what you think!


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