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Hunting The LuLaRoe Unicorn: A How To Guide

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We’re just about to my one year, LuLaCrazy anniversary. I’ll never forget the invitation from a friend to the on-line pop up and the absolute madness that ensued.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me break it down to you real quick. LuLaRoe is a clothing line that’s not sold like your average yoga pants or ready to wear dresses. You can only get these from a dealer…er…consultant, excuse me. Not all patterns or styles are available from every seller. Which makes getting exactly what you want a little bit of a trial. The clothes are typically sold at in person sales in someone’s home, retail space or a private event. Or on-line via Facebook groups. Or on some really neat, LuLaRoe specialty shopping sites. They’re all very member driven, so you’ve got to know someone to get the secret handshake…er…url.

To that end, I’ve got a few tips and tricks for what we call…Unicorn Hunting.


Hunting The LuLaRoe Unicorn: A How To Guide

A unicorn is that elusive print or article of clothing that you’re dying to get your hands on. And if it’s something ultra rare, say purple dragons? It’s really hard to get those. This is not a hunt that is for the weak of heart.

1) Resell Groups/Sites

Auction Sites: I’m not an advocate of going to on-line sources like Ebay or Mercari for buying your LuLaRoe. I know that every ultra rare thing in the universe somehow ends up on Ebay at twice the price it was in the store. Now, there are some people who are doing a legitimate destash without price gouging, which is why I mention those sites. Just shop with care.

Resell Groups: There are a number of groups focused on destashing. These are buyer to buyer groups. People just like me and you who maaaayyybe went a little over board with the buying and need to offload a few pieces before we get ourselves into trouble of the big kind.

2) Make friends with a consultant.

You don’t have to be fake about it, but when you’re a regular participant in a LuLaRoe consultant’s group they remember what you love, what you buy and get a feel for what you might like. Case in point, back in the beginning I had my eye on this super awesome, leopard print Monroe. It’s a sheer material, sort of a kimono style layering piece, with black fringe. I was obsessed with finding it! And guess what. A consultant got it in her shipment, she never posted it for sale, and offered it to me via messenger because she knew I was mad about it.

3) Post in ISO posts.

A lot of the groups and consultants will have ISO, or In Search Of, posts. This does not mean that you’re going to find it, and sometimes a LuLaRoe consultant will or will not offer it to the ISO poster first. That said, I’ve found these are great locations for networking and mutual unicorn hunting. Because while the group you’re in might not have the item, sometimes someone else has seen and knows where to find it! Be mindful of the host consultant’s rules. Some don’t allow posting of other group links in theirs, so be respectful.


4) Join a lot of groups. A. Lot.

This is the part that can get very overwhelming. At one point I was in over sixty LuLaRoe groups. In my defense it was in the beginning of my LuLaRoe craze and OMG I had to buy All The Things! We all go through that phase. It’s okay! I don’t advocate for being in sixty groups, but a dozen or so is a nice spread of opportunity for unicorn hunting.

5) Find a few multi-consultant sale events.

These are a great way to maximize your hunting time. These types of sales will bring a dozen LuLaRoe consultants to you, in one place, often with things separated down into style and size so there’s no anguish over finding the perfect thing…in the wrong size. To that end multi-consultant events are awesome.

6) Make LuLaFriends.

You’re going to notice a few of the same people popping up in a few groups. Make friends. And then you and those friends start a group chat or a private group. I’m in three with a handful of people in each. Our main goal is gushing about what we’re loving right now and helping each other find and buy our unicorns.

LuLaRoe is about comfort and community. So make that hunt a team effort!

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