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Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables Using Pizza {with a free printable game}

Like every mom on the planet (and probably moms on Mars, too), I struggle to get my kiddos eating veggies outside of the “peas and carrots” category–and sometimes even those. So, I’m thinking out of the box and came up with a fun game that I’m totally willing to share so you can Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables Using Pizza. It’s a free printable game, so you can play it at home and get your veggie-licious pizza from Papa John’s.

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At my house, we do a gigantic “what do you want for dinner” discussion about once a week (sound familiar). I’m too tired to cook, dad only cooks toast (so, that won’t work for feed the fam), and of course the kids want pizza. That’s where things get even hinkier. Dad loves pizza with all the veggies, I love some veggies and the kiddos want cheese only. We’re not buying 93 pizzas to make everyone happy. So, the Crazy Pizza Pie game is a compromise (and a secret way for me to teach my children not to be afraid to try new, yummy things–even if they’re green).

To make our choices with the Crazy Pizza Pie game, we play a little “spin the slice” and get ready to place our order. Then, dad cracks-open the laptop and sets-up delivery with Papa John’s online. Our hot, veggie-laden pizza arrives on our doorstep and I get a night-off from cooking. Awesome.

Free Printable Game to Get Your Kids To Eat More Vegetables Using Pizza

So, this printable game has two sheets, a page with cutouts and a page with the instructions. Print both pages, have the kiddos cut out the pieces from the one sheet, then keep the pieces and the instructions together in a gallon-sized baggie.

Download the Crazy Pizza Pie printable game here!

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As a family, we’re learning to be more flexible regarding our pizza toppings, but we’re not flexible on quality. We only want the best, so we we always order from Papa John’s. Their tagline: “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” is so true. Quality ingredients really do make a better pizza and we’re sure that every pizza we order will come to our door tasting as yummy as the last. And since Papa John’s has NO trans fats, no MSG, no BHA or BHT, no fillers in their meat toppings and no partially hydrogenated oils, I feel good about putting it on the table in front of my kids.

I also know that when I put Papa John’s on the table, my kids are getting to taste veggies the way they’re meant to taste. Because Papa John’s uses a really small group of suppliers and carefully vets all their ingredients, they’re able to reach that “Better Ingredients” goal. For example, their tomato supplier in California, which Papa John’s has worked with decades, grows the best tomatoes for the best sauce; their olives from primarily from the Herrera area of Spainl pepperoncinis from the MEditerranean and so on. So I can feel confident my kids are getting the real experience of a veggie the way it was meant to taste.


Getting Kids to Eat Veggies with Pizza Game printable


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Papa John’s has NO trans fats, no MSG, no BHA or BHT, no fillers in its meat toppings and no partially hydrogenated oils. To learn more, visit

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Papa John’s. Papa John’s provided the pizza featured in this conversation to me free-of-charge. The opinions and text are all mine.