If You Find a Cookie Under Your Doormat, You Could Be in Danger. Here’s What You Need to Know.

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When you step on your front doormat after running errands, do you check if there’s a cookie under your doormat?

Probably not and honestly, why would you?

Considering the recent news circling TikTok about cookies left under house doormats, if you hear a crunch under your foot when keying in your house, call the authorities immediately.

Why? Because your life could be in danger.

Courtesy of @its.j0nathan

You may think it sounds crazy. After all, it is just a cracker but it’s actually a tactic among criminals.

Courtesy of @its.j0nathan

Criminals are leaving cookies under doormats to track when you’ve come home from work or vacated the house for vacation.

If the cookie remains whole, it tells criminals you’re not home.

Courtesy of @its.j0nathan

It’s a simple trick to track your schedule, so simple that you might disregard the crunch under your foot after a long day of work.

Courtesy of @blondiegirlhd

So whether or not you think the noise under your foot is bird seed or crunchy leaves, check under the mat to make sure it’s not a planted cookie and call the police if it is.

Or just remove the mat? That’s totally an option too.

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