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DMX’s Family Said That Any Fundraiser To ‘Cover Funeral Costs’ Is A Scam!

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DMX’s family is aware that there are scammers trying to ‘raise money’ to cover funeral costs. They’re playing on the emotions of fans to pull off the scam.

DMX – Instagram

The family of DMX says that they have all funeral costs covered and are not strapped for cash. They have in no way asked for anyone to donate money.

eazye_cube_2pac – Instagram

So if you see something online, report it. It’s fake and it’s a completely disgusting thing to do to people. People can go very low and it’s so sad!

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Direct family members told TMZ that there have been numerous rumors since his death. One of those being that his friends and family were raising money to help cover funeral costs.

pkillertrackz – Instagram

The family says it’s aware there is any number of flat-out scammers out there soliciting money in X’s name … and they just want fans to be wary.

According to TMZ
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His family also stated that they are not selling any DMX merchandise right now, so anything you see is not authorized!

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Fans have created a memorial outside of the hospital he was being treated at. Plans are still being worked out for a private as well as possibly a public memorial service.

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