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A Lilo And Stitch Live-Action Movie Is In The Works And I Am So Ready

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You guys!! You may need to sit down for this. Disney is planning a LIVE ACTION / CGI hybrid movie, and it’s going to be — drum roll, please — LILO & STITCH!

My childhood self just did a little happy dance! *Squee*

Courtesy of The DisInsider

This film is planned to be released on Disney +, which is one more GREAT reason to pick up this streaming network.

As in the original, this movie will center around Lilo, an orphan from Hawaii, who happens upon this dog — er — alien — Stitch!


This film is supposed to follow the same storyline as the original, and I’m just over here hugging my Stitch plushie! I LOVED this movie when it came out, and I’m READY for this new version.

You know you loved it, too! Experiment 626 will forever hold special meaning.


The DisInsider confirmed that the original voice of Stitch, Chris Sanders, will come back to voice the character of Stitch in this film. That’s excellent news for all those Lilo & Stitch buffs out there! No fakes up in here, only the REAL DEAL.


With a budget of $60 million, this hybrid film is set to start filming THIS fall in Hawaii.


I would assume that Stitch is going to be the CGI component in the LIVE ACTION / CGI hybrid, since he’s — well — an alien. I can not WAIT to see the end result of this film!


This Lilo & Stitch Live Action film will join a GREAT list of other Live Action films that have been made recently by the Disney Company: Aladdin, Mulan, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast — and it will join Lady and the Tramp as being released straight to the Disney+ Streaming Service.


No word on a release date, yet. You KNOW we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

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