You Can Get Stuffed Disney Characters With Big Feet And I’m Obsessed With How Cute They Are

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If you put a Disney Plush in front of my face, I WILL cuddle it. Okay, I will buy it and then cuddle it but you get the idea.

Disney just knows how to make things really CUTE so as soon as I saw that You Can Get Stuffed Disney Characters With Big Feet, I INSTANTLY became Obsessed with How Cute They Are!

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It’s just the nature of things. It’s how my world works! Make that plushie a Disney BIG FEET plush, and I’m dead. I simply can’t handle the amount of cuteness overload.

Well, that is EXACTLY what Disney has done.

Gah! I can’t even handle it! They have so. many. characters. with big feet, and I, literally, need them ALL in my life.

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Disney has a way of coming out with things that I want to collect. Their Mini Beanies? I have most of them. Their Tzum Tzum collection? You don’t KNOW what a problem this became in my life. Their Smushie collection that is in the Parks? Yep, spent WAY too much coinage on them.

Now, I have to get ALL the things with the big feet! I want to say my favorite is Groot, but then I saw Mike and Sully. OMG. I can’t.

They even have figment — which you will recognize from the Epcot Park at Disney World. Yep, going to have to get this for my son. He is a figment FREAKazoid!

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They have one — or three — for just about ANYBODY!

You might remember Lotso, the most cuddly bad guy EVER from Toy Story 3. You can’t tell me he isn’t a definite YES!

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The Parks even have Brer Rabbit from Splash Mountain. All the more reason to plan a trip. Ha!

You can get a selection of these Big Feet Plushies online from Shop Disney.

BUT, the Disney Parks have an even better selection. If you want to plan a trip JUST to get these Big Feet guys, I won’t judge. I’ll be right there with ya!

Courtesy of ShopDisney

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