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You Can Get A Groot Waffle Maker

My FAVORITE character from Guardians of the Galaxy is Groot. I mean, COME ON! How cute is he?!?

When I saw this waffle maker on Amazon, I about lost my freaking mind!

Via Amazon

The first thing I thought was, of course, I AM GROOT! But, the second thing I thought was, OH MY GOSH. I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Via Amazon

I might have a slight obsession with waffle makers. It is possible that I already have about FIVE different special character waffle makers in my kitchen to make me smile at breakfast!

Via Amazon

Since my husband has said that I positively can’t buy anymore waffle kitchen gadgets, this is going on my birthday wish list! See there are work-arounds for everything.

Via Amazon

I can’t NOT have this little guy in my waffle lineup! Who doesn’t want to start their mornings with a little Groot smiling up at you from your breakfast plate?!?

Do you think he’d be more likely to get it for me if I told him it has quick cleanup, it makes TWO different size waffles, and it costs less than $40?

I’ll just show him the face! You can’t say no to that face.

You can get your own Groot Waffle Maker here.