These RV Trailer Dog Beds Let Your Pooch Camp Out In Style

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I am a dog lover, it isn’t a secret. I pretty much love all of them. Tiny dogs, giant dogs…all of the dogs! When I saw these RV Trailer Dog Beds, I about lost my mind!

Credit: Big Creek Mercantile

Seriously, the cuteness overload is real! Look at the details! Lights, curtains, window flower boxes…it’s so stinking adorable! There is even a dog bone shaped bumper that is personalized with your dog’s name.

I have always had a thing for vintage campers and trailers. These camping trailer dog beds just make me smile!

Credit: Big Creek Mercantile

The Canine Campers shown above are totally cute! There is a White with Orange Crush Stripes with a Disney Glitter Paint overcoat. The other Canine Camper is painted White with Yellow Stripes.

We have a teeny tiny senior Chihuahua that is only 2.5lbs! Her name is Molly and she totally deserves one of these adorable doggy trailer beds!

Cute right? She totally needs to retire in style with a tiny little personalized dog camper to live out her senior life! I can’t give her a Florida retirement, but I can get close with this Winnebarko!

Apparently this has been a thing for a bit and there are all sorts of different styles out there!

Credit: Big Creek Mercantile

They even come with stainless steel food and water bowls that fit in the area where a hitch would be on a normal trailer. Stainless steel bowls are safer for the health of your pet.

They make them in three different sizes to accommodate a range of dogs. They also have three different styles which are Classic, The Old West, and the Wizard of Oz! I think Nugget (pictured above) needs a Wizard of Oz style!

Credit: Big Creek Mercantile

Lulu needs a much larger version of the Canine Camper, I can see her with an Old West-style!

The curtains are handmade and there is even framed artwork on the walls. I’m in love! What do you think about these Canine Campers?

You can order a RV Dog Bed Here.

Credit: Big Creek Mercantile

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