These Behind The Couch Tables Are The Newest Home Decor Trend and I Love It

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I have been looking, for a long time, for a cool table to put behind my couch.

I want one that isn’t too wide, but can hold a lamp or a couple drinks. I’m not picky or anything — yes, I totally am.

Well, shut the front door, I found what I’m looking for, but it’s even better than I wanted!

This table has an electrical outlet AND two USB plugs built right in! Freaking genius!!

It’s finish is a walnut color, and it’s beautiful!

This is going to go between my couch and wall, but you could totally put it behind a couch that doesn’t back up to a wall!

You can get this table right on Amazon, and you best believe it is already in my cart! It is $108, and ships for free. There is some assembly required, but — duh — it’s that way with MOST furniture you buy from a website or store.

Used this behind my sofa, fits a loveseat size end to end. Love the outlets, especially when using a heated throw in the winter. It was easy to assemble took me alone ~30 minutes. It is wide enough to put a small lamp, candles, books and a place for the remotes. Great also as my sofa backs up to the floor radiators and now my room is warmer with better air flow.

ladybug9097 on Amazon Reviews

Very nice table. First saw this table in a catalog but it was more expensive and also had to pay shipping charges. When I saw it on Amazon with free shipping, I didn’t hesitate to order it. We have it behind our sofa right against the wall. It is great to put a lamp on it and the 2 polarized outlets and 2 usb outlets are great. Now we don’t have a bunch of cords and can easily charge electronic devices. I would highly recommend this table.

Karen on Amazon Reviews

I also totally love the look of this one on Etsy.

This would go PERFECTLY in an Amazon Garden House Kit. Check it out!

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