Taco Bell Releases A New Strawberry Truffle Dessert That Will Make You Want Sweets for Breakfast

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Taco Bell is testing your sharing skills considering their latest decadent dessert might make you think twice before you hand over one to another.

Created with a partnership between the Milk Bar brand and the Bell, here’s introducing Strawberry Bell Truffles!

Courtesy of @k.deange

Bite-sized snacks that sound as delicious as the name, these mini dessert bites will have you craving dessert for breakfast.

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Rather the Bell Truffles than avocado toast for breakfast, each truffle combines the iconic crunchy taco shell along with Milk Bar’s popular truffles fused together to make a sweet treat with a crunch.

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With every bite comes a sweet corn fudge flavor, a layer of moist vanilla cake soaked in strawberry milk and sprinkled with strawberry pieces, sealed with a crunchy outer coating that’s both sweet and salty.

Courtesy of @k.deange

A mouthful both literally, and figuratively.

Courtesy of @k.deange

And while you may be thinking how, where, and when you can get your hands on this dreamy concoction, I may have to break your heart depending on where you live.

Courtesy of @tacobell and @milkbarstore

For now, the taco chain is only testing the dessert for a limited time only at these three locations:

  • Taco Bell chain in Orange County located at 14042 Red Hill Avenue
  • Milk Bar stores in the Nomad neighborhood of New York City
  • Milk Bar locations on Melrose in Los Angeles
Courtesy of @k.deange

Starting today until August 16, residents who live in the areas listed above, (or people who are visiting) can snag a truffle, or two, possibly three.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

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