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Here’s Your Sneak Peek Of The 2022 Starbucks Halloween Cups Coming Including New Glow-in-The Dark Cups

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Ahhh I am so done with this heat and I am ready for Halloween!

The inside of my house is already decorated and all that is missing is, a new Starbucks Halloween cup to complete my collection for this year.


Well, I have some good news for you… we have a sneak peek of the 2022 Starbucks Halloween Cups!! YAY!

Starbucks 2022 Halloween Collection

In this collection we see a new orange studded tumbler and get this – GLOW-IN-THE-DARK cups!! Ahhh!

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

When is Starbucks releasing Halloween Cups 2022?

Most of this years Starbucks Fall/Halloween Collection is releasing August 30, 2022 with more releasing throughout September.

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

However, if you are an avid Starbucks cup collector, you know that Starbucks locations vary on when they release these collections and often times, they are released early.

The best thing to do is, call your local Starbucks and ask when they are getting their Fall/Halloween 2022 Collection in.

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

This collection will not only have new tumblers, there will also be new Fall mugs and even new reusable hot cups.

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

Several of these cups and water bottles look pretty similar to what was released last year.

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

There also is a reusable hot cup 6 pack that glows in the dark and I am really excited to see the designs on that one!

Above you can also see some other glow in the dark cups including a ceramic tumbler, ceramic mug, and that plastic Raven’s Perch is cool looking!

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

It also looks like we have a few Target Starbucks exclusives and I am loving that Crackle glow in the dark tumbler!

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

I think that stainless steel cold cup raven’s moon looks cool too!

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

And OMG do you see it?! There is a plastic bling cold cup called Lemongrass color that GLOWS IN THE DARK OMG!!

my.starbucks.addiction/Lilianna Howard

And there is a matching glow in the dark keychain too!

Ahhh I am so excited and cannot wait to see actual pictures of these items but at least you know what is coming so you can start budgeting now!

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