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These Are The Best Jason Collier Memes So Far

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Surely by now you have heard about Jason Collier. He is the center of most of the internet chats and talks right now.

Stinnett Police Department

This guy… wow.

Well, we have an entire post about this guy Jason Collier to catch you up. The post covers what we know about the made for TV-type life he was leading.

Cecily Steinmetz

He’s a pretty naughty guy, and he totally thought he would get away with it all too.

Shame shame, I think he forgot the saying “ef around and find out”. The dude is finding out now!

So of course the internet did what it does best. They created memes and this is what is consuming my morning.

Jason Collier is a Texas Police Chief, well was because he is on administrative leave now. Yes, my state.

If you haven’t yet read the other post I linked above for the full story, you definitely need to do that.

But come back here for the memes that have been created!

There is so much involved with this story. Someone will have to turn this into a Netflix movie.

I mean, I only have one significant other, my husband. Half the time I can’t remember his name.

How on earth did this guy keep up with all of this?

This guy deserves this and so much more!

I have a feeling this story is going to get even more crazy and twisted. So stay tuned folks, it’s a wild ride!

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  1. Right after these Paris Hilton using IVF to have twins popped up. My husband says: Hollywood Starlet finds out her sperm donor was James Collier.

    Then asks me, in all seriousness: Do you think Octamom knew James Collier?