Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cereal Exists And I Want A Bowl For Breakfast Everyday

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When it comes to cereal, there are many ways to dress up your breakfast.

Let’s face the facts, cereal is simply not simple anymore; it’s a masterpiece, a work of art.

You can add fruits, nuts, raisins, granola and even some cereal brands have substituted regular milk for a more chocolatey substance at the bottom of the bowl.

But what if I told you cookie dough can now be a part of your daily breakfast makeup? Considering you’re probably now searching “cookie dough cereal” in your Google search bar, look no further because Kellogg’s has made breakfast more exciting.

Introducing Kellogg’s new Krave Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cereal!


It’ll be easier to hop out of bed in the morning after you pour a bowl of this new chocolatey cereal in the morning. This new flavor has a crispy cookie dough flavored outer shell that’s decorated with what look likes a dusting of chocolate chip pieces.

On the inside, you can expect a smooth chocolate cream that’s made with real chocolate.

Now that’s a breakfast I want everyday! You can currently find the special edition chocolate chip cookie dough cereal at Meijer.

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