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Hostess Has New Ice Cream Sundae Inspired Cupcakes And Brownies And I Need Them Now

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If you love Hostess CupCakes and Hostess Brownies, and you also love ice cream sundaes… this is for you!


Hostess has used the ice cream sundae as the inspiration for its new cupcakes and brownies and they sound SO GOOD!

The Sundae CupCakes and Hot Fudge Sundae Brownies are hitting the snack aisles!

The cupcakes start with your typical Hostess CupCake, which is a chocolate cupcake filled with a white crème filling.

Then they use an ice cream flavored icing and cover them with rainbow sprinkles and a hot fudge drizzle!

I’m more of a brownie girl myself, so let’s talk about the Hostess Hot Fudge Sundae Brownies!

The brownies are chocolate and stuffed with chocolate chips. Then they have topped them with a white icing, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate drizzle.

They both sound so good, and since I hate to bake… and it is already getting hot in Texas… this is for me!

The cupcakes do say they are limited edition on the packaging, but the brownies do not… so, let’s hope they stick around! I expect to see them in our local stores soon.

They both come in a box of 8 individually wrapped treats. They were spotted on Meijer’s website for $3.89 per box.

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