These Signs Are A Fun Way To Remind Guests Not To Ring Your Doorbell While Your Kids Are Learning

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If you’ve been working at home or are even doing remote learning with the kids, you know that distractions are REAL.

No matter what you seem to do is seems like that someone is always calling, needing something or showing up to the house unexpected.

That is why when I saw these remote learning signs on Etsy, I just knew I had to share them with you!

Many etsy sellers are offering homeschool door designs that you can hang on the front of your door to let unwanted visitors know that you’ve got children learning on the inside. Um, GENIUS!

@NWACraftRoom is selling her design for $27 on Etsy and you can customize it with a handful of different options she has listed to make the sign say exactly what you want it too.

Courtesy of @NWACraftRoom

You can even purchase a wooden virtual learning sign if you’re more into a rustic appeal in several different colors; thanks to @SimplyRusticDes, who is selling her product for $22!

Courtesy of @SimplyRusticDes

If you enjoy colorful art, @JenniferCraftCorner is selling her bright design for $20 with an option to change the color of the letters if you prefer something other than white.

Courtesy of @JenniferCraftCorner

There’s one more virtual learning sign I want to mention and this one cracks me up. Similar to many others, at the bottom of the sign it says “please do not ring doorbell unless you have wine or teach math”.

However this sign, allows you to pick between the options of wine or tacos, which ultimately you have to go with tacos am I right? @SolelyYou is selling her E-learning sign for $22.

Courtesy of @SolelyYou

Whichever sign you choose, it should help the neighbors or the Amazon delivery guys to refrain from ringing your doorbell, ultimately creating a quieter atmosphere in the house for learning!

Courtesy of @SolelyYou

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