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Cobra Kai Is Officially The Most Popular Series In America and I Can Totally See Why

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Cobra Kai has moved to Netflix, and it’s AMAZING what one little (giant) streaming network can do for the popularity of a program!

Courtesy of YouTube / Netflix

Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, stop what you’re doing right now and go watch!!


If you hadn’t watched Cobra Kai before now, turns out you’re not alone. Not because it isn’t the BEST show out there, but because it was hidden in plain sight on YouTube.

Cobra Kai premiered on YouTube Red — which is now YouTube Premium — TWO years ago! Can you believe it has been that long?

In Cobra Kai, we catch up with the characters of the ORIGINAL Karate Kid — thirty five years later.


Johnny Lawrence — the tough kid who Daniel defeats at the end of The Karate Kid — finds himself as a part-time handyman, who lives alone in a small apartment in Receta, California. He somehow still finds himself in the shadow of Daniel LaRusso, who is now a successful car salesman.

Courtesy of YouTube / Netflix

After he rescues his young neighbor from a band of bullies, Johnny decides to get his life — which is in somewhat of a shambles — together, and he buys the karate dojo that he loved so much as a high school student, Cobra Kai.

This reignites the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel, and it’s AWESOME!!


The premise is great, but the location of the show — over on YouTube — was a detriment to the program.

LUCKILY for everyone, Netflix has taken over the reigns of the show. They premiered BOTH seasons 1 and 2 of Cobra Kai on the streaming giant, and the show shot to the #1 show in the U.S.

Netflix has that magic touch, man! Of course, it helps that the show is SUPER fun!!

This dramady now finds its home at Netflix, and Season 3 is set to be a Netflix Original, premiering in 2021 — and I can’t wait!!


Netflix didn’t just buy the streaming rights to the series, they bought the entire series, and are now branding it as a Netflix original on the service, and season 3 is coming under their banner in 2021.


Y’all, if you haven’t seen Cobra Kai, now is your chance. You have GOT to check it out. It’s about to be your new guilty pleasure!

Courtesy of Netflix on YouTube

See the trailer for Cobra Kai Season 3 below.


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